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Ryet - Gyltige

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    15 km

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The trail leaves the wide Sennan river valley, crosses primitive limestone peaks and leads down to the Fylleån river valley. The trail goes along forest roads along the way, through clear-felled areas and planted forests, as well as through some deciduous forest and marshland. It passes several small villages with beautiful agricultural landscapes. Once you've climbed down to the Fylleån river, you immediately reach the bridge across the river to the meeting place of the eastern extension of Hallandsleden.

Things worth seeing on this stage:

Red oak tree

Old road with tracks from past

Fylleån - the river Fylleån


A beautiful campsite in Gyltige, a little way off the trail in the direction of Simlångsgården. There are two shelters opposite each other here, with a fireplace in the middle. In Ryet there is also a fine campsite right next to River Sennan. There is a composting toilet and fireplace here.

15 km


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Utsikt från bron över Fylleån
Utsikt från rastplatsen i Gyltige
Ån Sennan vid rastplatsen Ryet

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