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Assman - Mästocka

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    21 km

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Länsstyrelsen Halland

Between the Gårdshult Nature Reserve and Bjärsahult, the trail follows along a moraine ridge, mostly covered in pinewoods. There are large, seemingly endless marshes on both sides, in one of southern Sweden's largest wetland areas. Next the trail runs mostly through pinewoods, passes the Harsprångsledning power line, and continues through mixed forest to reach the heather-covered moor in Mästocka. The moor is a remnant of the extensive heath area that covered large parts of Halland in the past. You may encounter Halland's official flower, the hairy greenweed, here.

Things worth seeing on this stage:

Terraced fields and clearance cairns in Linghult

Kersti stone

Mästocka Ljunghed Nature Reserve


Beautiful campsite in Mästocka by Lake Björsjön. There is a shelter, fireplace with firewood, composting toilet and a bathing spot with a jetty. Note that there is at present no shelter etc. at Assman.

21 km


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Rastplats vid Mästocka ljunghed vid sjön Björsjö
Kersti sten
Leden genom Mästocka ljunghed med Björsjön till höger
Gårdshult med ån Assman nedan
Ljungen blommar vackert på Mästocka ljunghed
Högt vattenflöde vid Danska Fall

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