Hiking the Hallandsleden

The Hallandsleden trail links up with the Skåneleden trail to the south and the Bohusleden trail to the north. As it wends its way through Halland, the trail divides into an eastern and a western branch. Both branches join up in the Åkulla area and in Gyltige, north of Simlångsdalen.

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  • Total längd

    435 km

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Fjärås Bräcka med Naturum, foto: Per Pixel Petersson

The parts of the trail

The three sections of Hallandsleden gives you a chance to experience Hallands's varied scenery and rich culture.


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Inspiration & tips

Along Hallandsleden there is plenty to do. We have picked our favourites.

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Good to know

Here you can find information and tips which can provide inspiration and make your visit to Hallandsleden easier.


Here you will find information about what's new on the trail as well as current redirections and disturbances.

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