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Subtrail Falkenberg – Hylte. Here you are right in the middle of Halland. In the Åkulla area the Hallandsleden trail branches off to the east, taking you past Ullared and through Hylte’s interior. The western branch passes through the beautiful Ätradalen valley down to the Skattegård and Frodeparken campsites. The branch takes you through many interesting nature reserves.

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  • Västlig sträcka från Åkulla till Gyltige

    99 km

  • Östlig sträcka från Åkulla till Gyltige

    114 km

Utsikt över Ätradalen söder om Vessigebro

Trail sections

Choose to do one distance at a time or to combine multiple sections for a longer hike. If you want to truly experience life in the wilderness then there is a shelter where you can spend the night at the end of almost all the stages. This means you will need a sleeping bag and sleeping mat. The shelter accommodates 4–5 adults. There will also be a fireplace and a composting toilet there.


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Recommended hikes

Our recommendations for various hikes – short or long, with or without accommodation.

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Good to know

Here you can find information and tips which can provide inspiration and make your visit to Hallandsleden easier.


Here you will find information about what's new on the trail as well as current redirections and disturbances.

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