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Frodeparken - Döbla

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    7 km

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Länsstyrelsen Halland

Since this is a short section, you can take the opportunity to wander for a while in Frodeparken's ancient and lofty beech forest. Then you head down into the Slissån river valley, and after walking a short distance through agricultural land, there is a slow climb up to Almeberget and on to Döbla.

Things worth seeing on this stage:

Signs of cultivation in Frodeparken and Kungsrör cairn with King Frode’s grave

Frodeparken's Nature Reserve


Shelters at Frodeparken and Döbla. The shelter accommodates 4–5 adults and there is a fireplace and a composting toilet. The shelter in Döbla is beautifully situated by River Döblaån. 

7 km


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  • Naturreservat
  • Skog
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Den rödlistade och vackra koralltaggsvampen (Hericium coralloides) har påträffats i reservatet. Photographer: Länstyrelsen Halland
Frodeparkens naturreservat Photographer: Martin Lindqvist
Frodeparken naturresarvat Photographer: Anette Ekendahl

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