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Västralt - Ekegården

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Foto: Annette Tillgren, Hjörneredssjön

The trail first runs through a varied natural landscape with heather-covered moors, wetlands and gravel eskers, past lakes and across streams. At Vippentorpet, a traditional Halland cabin, you can gain interesting insights into how the people of Halland used to live in earlier times and into their traditions. Hjörneredssjöarna is a popular outdoor recreation area for rambling and paddling. The second half of this section runs through partly cultivated and open agricultural land.

places of intrest

Beutiful view over river Lagan

Vippentorpet is a cottage dating to the 1700s

Midsommarstugan cave

Lake Hjörneredssjön

Salmon ladder at Smedjeån River

Royal fern by the River Smedjeån


There are camping sites in Västralt and Ekegården. There is a shelter here for 4–5 adults, a fireplace with firewood and a composting toilet. Both camping sites nestle beautifully in their natural surroundings.

Raststugan i Timmershult, Knäred, +46 (0)430 500 86, +46 (0)70 338 32 87

Hotell Freden, Knäred, +46 (0)430 504 00

Flammabadets Camping, Knäred, +46 (0)707 73 60 33

18 km


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