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Ekegården - Koarp

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    13 km

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The trail follows lush river valleys and crosses the two rivers Smedjeån and Stensån. Be extremely cautious when walking along highway 24 for a few hundred metres. Towards the end it climbs to the top of the Hallandsåsen ridge, joining the Skåneleden trail, towards Brammarp, at Koarp.

Places of intrest

Hallandsås is a popular outdoor recreation area with excellent opportunities for hiking, cycling and skiing. The beech forests on the ridge are among the finest in Halland, and every season has its own charm. There are ravines, fault scarps and caves here. In the past the area was also a refuge for robbers and guerrillas, and many battles were fought between the Danes and the Swedes here on the ridge. 

Sliprännor i Smedjeån



13 km


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