Hike in Åkulla

Åkulla Bokskogar Photo: Näringslivs- och Destinationskontoret Varberg, Ove

Pause from your hike on the Hallandsleden trail and experience the Åkulla Beech Forest area

Åkulla Beech Forest – one of Sweden’s leading beech forest areas, given the richness of unusual and endangered species found there

Åkulla Beech Forest is a 50 km2 nature area with hiking trails, several nature reserves and many lakes, east of Varberg. In addition to Hallandsleden, which passes through the area, there are 12 hiking trails, evenly distributed throughout the area and of varying lengths, from 1.6 to 6 km, and all of them very well marked out.Stay a few extra days in Åkulla on your hike along Hallandsleden, or start your hike here. In Åkulla Beech Forest you can stay the night, park your car, buy some food and enjoy other activities. Read more about Åkulla Beech Forest »

Åkulla Beech Forest is now on the Nature Map

A guide to Sweden’s outdoor life! You can use both the app and the website to easily find information, inspiration and maps when you want to head out into nature.

For more information visit: https://naturkartan.se/sv/akulla-bokskogar

Enjoy a country picnic – Packed lunch or coffee and cakes from Åkulla Outdoor Resort

You can buy a packed lunch or coffee and cakes to take with you and enjoy on a country picnic or on your hike on Hallandsleden. You'll get a backpack packed with everything needed for a tour out on the trail.  

Feel free to bring a water bottle and fill it with Åkulla Outdoors Resort’s ecolabelled water before you head out! If you don’t have a bottle with you, you can buy one from Klean Kanteen at the resort. Food packages are available from spring 2020. 

For more information about these, contact Åkulla Outdoor Resort »

Hiking package at Ästad Vingård

Ästads Vingård’s hiking package can be adapted to suit everybody. You plan your hike yourself with the help of maps that Ästad Vingård provides. There are both tougher and more challenging trails such as Skogsbostigen, with fantastic views from Hiaklitten hill, or Älvasjöstigen, which is a little easier and suitable for children.If you would like to take a picnic, breakfast, coffee and cakes or a packed lunch with you, Ästad Vingård will arrange this. You can even borrow a bag if you don’t have your own. Just let them know in good time and Ästad Vingård will arrange things.

Classic hiking package – Ästad Vingård


✓ Morning coffee

✓ Packed lunches

✓ Hiking map

✓ Entrance to Sinnenas Spa

✓ The Farmers menu

✓ Accommodation

✓ Breakfast

Read more about the Classic Hiking Package »

Plus Hiking Package - Ästad Vingård

Enjoy local nature and ingredients


✓ Morning coffee

✓ Lunch package

✓ Hiking map of the Åkulla hiking trails

✓ Sinnenas Spa, including a borrowed bathrobe, slippers and towel

✓ Tasting menu in the restaurant ÄNG

✓ Overnight stay in a suite

✓ Breakfast

Read more about the Plus Hiking Package »

Take the Åkturen bus to Åkulla and the Hallandsleden trail

In 2018, for the first time, a new bus service connected central Varberg to Grimeton Radio Station and the Åkulla Beech Forest. The bus was a success and will return in spring 2020. Read more about Åkturen at Visit Varberg »