A few equipment tips

Here are a few equipment tips for your hike on Hallandsleden

• Since Hallandsleden goes along paths, small forest roads and, occasionally, through completely undisturbed nature, it is important to wear comfortable and hard-wearing clothing.

• Boots or a pair of well-broken in shoes with strong soles are good for the feet. In order to avoid your shoes chafing it is important to wear dry socks and, above all, they should have no holes in them. Protect your heels by applying a piece of Leukoplast or similar. If you get a blister then apply a chafing plaster.

• Remember to wear several thin layers! You will then keep warm better and can, as necessary, “peel off” a layer as you get warmer. A soft and warm jersey is good to have when you are resting.

• Remember, too, that the weather can change quickly when you are out on a long walk.

• If you are thinking of hiking with an overnight stay, ensure that you pack your rucksack with the heaviest things on top.

• Leave unnecessary “good to have things” at home. A light pack means light kilometres!

• Drinking water is something you should always have with you. You know it is clean and that your stomach is used to it. Moreover you may start to feel thirsty when you are far from the next source.