Signage & navigation

When hiking the Hallandsleden trail, follow the trail via the orange marks on trees, posts or stones, and the blue signs with the white “Hallandsleden” text.

Along the trail, work has been put into making it easy to hike. Paths have been cleared, planks laid, bridges built – everything for the hiker to be able to proceed unhindered. 

At places where the trail branches off there are particularly clear markings – wooden signs with orange arrows. Where the trail passes a roadway it is marked with blue road signs with the text “Hallandsleden” in white.

(In the Varberg and Falkenberg regions, there may be more red/orange tape, but these will be phased out to consist of clear orange marks.)

At intervals of around 15 kilometres, there are prepared camping and picnic areas with a shelter, fireplace and dry toilet. Some also have firewood, drinking water and waste bins. Use “Map” and its categories to see where these are.

Hallandsleden is divided into three different sections. North, central, and south. These sections are split into different stages. The same divisions apply to the paper maps, where the stages are marked with crosslines. Your trip can be adapted by stage for a day trip or for a multi-day hike with an overnight stay in a shelter or at one of the accommodation facilities along the trail.