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Kärnebygd - Eseredssjön

  • Length

    12 km

  • Degree of difficulty


Hikers encounter the most varied landscape in Halland here. There is a extensive lake system, with traces of the ice age including large glacial river deposits and coniferous forest. The landscape opens up at the river Ätran. The trail ends in the village of Ätran, where there are services.

Places of intrest:

Kärnebygd saw and mill

Gunnarps church



Shelters are to be found at the Lake Eseredssjön and Kärnebygd campsites. The shelter can accommodate 4–6 adults. There are a fireplace and a composting toilet here.

Viktors affärshus B&B, Kärnebygd

Ätrans Rum & Frukost, Ätran

Ätrans Turist & Fritid, Ätran

12 km


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  • Sjö
  • Barrskog
  • Ätrans dalgång
  • 7-15 km
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